The official movement to recall Gretchen Whitmer.



The official movement to recall Gretchen Whitmer.



In 2012, Gretchen Whitmer declared that Michigan is run by "the people," yet her actions in 2020 prove otherwise. Her record is an embarrassment to Michigan and America. Bypassing the state legislature. Issuing over 160 executive orders. Sending COVID-19 patients to nursing homes. Withholding medical data. Threatening small businesses with fines, legal action, and other thuggish methods. Many small businesses had to close permanently because of irreversible financial repercussions. Continuing to keep the state shut down in the name of "science and data" while other states have either remained open or are well on their way to recovery. Michigan deserves better and we will bring the nonsense of a highly incapable, hypocritical, and negligent governor to an end!


The Recall Whitmer Movement is a grassroots campaign organized by Guarding Against Government Excess. With volunteers in every county, we are united in seeking to uphold the rights and best interests of Michigan citizens. We strive to ensure that the government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.


Attention: Under the current 60 day timeframe Oct. 23rd- Dec. 21st


Signatures should be gathered thru the end of day Dec. 21st, circulator certificate should be dated no later than Dec. 21st. Please hold all blank petitions until we know more about the extension, thank you for all your effort and hard work. We need petitions turned in to county chairs and or regional hubs by Dec 27th for pickup on the Dec. 28th and 29th. Please email rwminfo@recallwhimter.com or text/call 517-798-4191 if you need help determining where to return your petitions. We are on a brief intermission. Thanks for everyone's hard work. We will know more of where we stand on Dec. 31st and will advise after the Holidays. Merry Christmas Michigan! Jesus was born and he died for us all, tis the reason for the season!



BEFORE GETTING ANY SIGNATURES: If you have not done so please register as a volunteer, then take a few moments to make sure you are fully prepared. We have one shot at this, we MUST do it right. Please use ALL of the links provided for optimal success. Thank you all so much for your sacrifice and understanding of how important this is for our state! (if you are re-directed please return here and click the next link or right click and open in new tab)



Filled Petition Sheets


Full/Completed (closed out w/ signed circulator certificate) sheets always get turned back into your approved County Chair - preferably when you are getting more blank forms.



After you register below as a volunteer be sure to join the official Facebook group! You must have registered using the form near the bottom of the page to join.




Use this form to report how many signatures you currently have in your possession.
(Please do not count any that you turned in.)



(Please give 24hr-48hr advance notice.)


Only submit a signing location if you have petitions already. Submitting a signing location does not get you petitions automatically. Be sure to register as a volunteer first and foremost (scroll down to registration form). Please give as much advance notice as possible (24-48 hours) for addition of signing locations. Submissions will get posted to Facebook and the Website.


Regarding Filled Petition Sheets


Filled Petitions should always be turned into your approved local county Chair, preferably when you get more blank forms.


The recall process is specified in Public Act 116 of 1954 MCL-116-1954-XXXVI. You can read a summary of this process in the Michigan Bureau of Elections Election Officials’ Manual.
We have received so many enthusiastic messages! This is a huge effort that will require careful planning if we have any hope of obtaining over one million signatures in 60 days. Because we need that time to plan, we will not begin circulating until October 23. This is NOT lost time! As long as all signatures are turned in by the end of January, this will be eligible to be on the May ballot. Here are some things you can do right NOW:
  • Talk to your friends, neighbors, businesses, strangers – anyone you can – about the recall effort. Share our website www.recallwhitmer.com and our Facebook page RecallWhitmerOfficial. Get other people to spread the word! We cannot possibly get the number of signatures we need if people don’t know about it!
  • Set up signing events and gather a team to assist you. Possible locations include library parking lots, school parking lots (during times when students are not present), outside of Secretary of State offices, public parks, at businesses (with business owner permission), and the NOVEMBER 3 ELECTION POLLS (must stay at least 100 feet from the entrance). We will post signing events to Facebook and to our website.
  • Watch our petition circulator training videos (coming soon) so you are prepared to hit the ground running!
  • Please help us fundraise. The printing costs alone will be at least $20,000. In addition, we simply must look at hiring a professional petitioning company. Consider this:
    • We must collect over 24,000 signatures PER DAY for 53 straight days to achieve our goal of 1.3 million signatures.
    • In this day and age, we cannot rely on signers coming to us; we MUST be proactive and go door-to-door, which professional petitioners are accustomed to doing.
    • We need to ensure we have as many valid signatures as possible. A petition company will go over every signature (including volunteer submitted) so we will have greater confidence of meeting the minimum valid signature requirement threshold.
This is impossible to get on the November ballot, due to the timeline and requirements involved. For an initiative to appear on a ballot, all petition signatures must be turned in to the Board of Elections no later than 95 days before the election in which the initiative appears on the ballot. For the November 2020 election, this deadline was July 31. For the May 2021 election, this deadline is the end of January.
We will need 1,062,647 valid signatures. The signatures can (and will) be contested, so many of the signatures we collect will not be counted. There are many reasons for signatures to be discounted, some of which include:
  • No street address entered by signer.
  • Signatures that appear to be signed by the same person.
  • Blank signature lines between other signers.
  • Duplicate signatures by the same person.
  • False signatures (i.e. fictitious or deceased persons).
  • Signatures by people not registered to vote in the geographical area noted at the top of the signed petition form. Note that signatures on the petition WILL be compared to signatures on voter registration.
Therefore, we will need to collect far more than the minimum number required. We are aiming for at least 1.3 million signatures.
If the recall petition contains the minimum number of valid signatures required, the Bureau of Elections must call a special election to be conducted on the next regular election date that meets the following criteria:
  1. Is at least 95 days after the date the recall petition was filed, and
  2. falls on the May or November regular election date.
You must be registered to vote in the state of Michigan to sign the petition, and you must ONLY sign the petition that bears the city/township/village name where you are registered to vote.
Circulators of recall petitions must be at least 18 years of age and a citizen of the United States. A circulator of a recall petition does not have to be registered to vote, nor are they required to be a Michigan resident (non-residency of the circulator must be indicated on any petition sheet they sign.). To volunteer to collect signatures, please complete the volunteer form Here
There was a previous recall petition that was approved by the Board of Elections that was subsequently withdrawn by the submitter. At this time, NO VALID RECALL petitions have been circulated, and our recall petition is the only approved petition at this time.
This is fine. Multiple petitions can be circulated for the same purpose of recalling Whitmer. At this time we have the only approved petition. If anyone asks you to sign a recall Whitmer petition at this time, it is NOT A VALID RECALL PETITION. If another group ends up getting recall language approved and begins to circulate, please be sure to ASK specifically which group they are with. It is okay to sign two DIFFERENT recall petitions; you just cannot sign the same petition twice. Our organization is called “Guarding Against Government Excess.” Whenever you sign any petition please be sure you know exactly what you are signing.
No. There is no rule stating that petition language can only be approved for one initiative. If multiple groups circulate petitions for recall, that’s fine. One, both, or neither party might receive all of the required signatures.


  • July 14th, 2020

    Petition Language Filed

    Board must meet to approve/reject petition between 10th and 20th day after language submission.

  • July 31st, 2020

    2 Petitions Approved

    Board of canvassers approved two of our petitions. Governor Whitmer now has 10 days to appeal this decision.

  • August 10th, 2020

    Last Day For Appeal

    This is the last day Governor Whitmer can appeal the petitions.

    If at any time during the 10-day window an appeal was put forward, the court must rule within 40 days of the appeal date.

  • October 23rd, 2020

    Canvassing Begins

    Signing Locations and canvassing will be begin.

  • November 3rd, 2020

    Election Day

    Look for canvassers at your voting precinct

  • December 21st, 2020

    Canvassing Ends

    Canvassing will end and there will no longer be drive up locations.



Map Link County Location City Details
Wayne Romano's Macaroni Grill parking lot Livonia
Start Date: 12-14-20
End Date: 12-20-22
Keana 734-744-7908 or Frank 313-205-206. 3 to 5 pm. Sunday Dec 20 and Monday Dec 21 , by appointment LAST DAY 12/21
PLEASE KEEP CHECKING HERE You can send us locations that you have scouted via email LIST NOT COMPLETE


This is a massive effort and will depend on as much support as we can get to ensure we succeed. Here are some ways you can help the movement be a huge succees:


If nothing else, please be sure to sign the petition. We need a lot of signatures — over 1.3 million! We’re purposely aiming to get a higher amount in order to cover any signatures that might end up being invalid.


Proceeds go directly into a managed account. This is an extraordinarily expensive undertaking. It involves printing costs, legal fees, website hosting, software subscriptions, advertising and promotion. Most importantly, we aspire to hire a professional petitioning company to help ensure our success. Please take action, help fund this movement.


Support the movement by registering to become a petition circulator and help gather signatures. This is fairly straightforward and just requires you go through some training beforehand to ensure you are well prepared.

Registration Form